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Can you find DREAM OF ME on one of these bookshelves?  

Of course not, and you even know what you are looking for.

As of today, Amazon lists 1,414,078 titles for its Kindle store alone.  That accounts for far more books than you see on these shelves.  It’s no wonder that a novel like DREAM OF ME is invisible to the average reader.

WORD OF MOUTH is still the book reader’s most valuable friend, even in this age of modern communication.  Luckily, word of mouth now includes every social media venue available to us online.

So here’s a check list of things anyone can do to help get the word out about DREAM OF ME -- or any other favorite Indie book.  Most of them cost nothing but a little time. 

I really appreciate everything my friends have already done to support me.  If you choose to do more, that is just frosting on my gluten-free cupcake. :)  Thanks so much!

1.  Post a review:
  • Amazon.com
  • BarnesandNoble.com
  • Goodreads.com
  • Bookandreader.com

2.  Discuss DREAM OF ME in a book forum:
  • Kindle forums
  • Bookforum.com
  • Bookandreader.com

3.  Explore every part of DREAM OF ME’s product pages:

4.  Like DREAM OF ME’s facebook page

5.  Use @Dream of Me tag whenever you mention it on facebook
  • On your page
  • When recommending it to a friend
  • On book/reading groups or pages
    • Book Riot
    • Authors and Book Lover’s discussion group
    • Whatcha Readin’?
    • A Bookish Affair
    • Reader Riot
    • The Kindle Daily Deal
    • All Things Kindle
    • We Love Kindle
    • Others…

6.  Tell a friend about it

7.  Share it with your mom, grandma, aunt, sister or cousin

8.  Tweet about it

9.  Loan your copy of DREAM OF ME  to a friend

10.  Donate a copy of DREAM OF ME to your library

11.  Ask your librarian if they can order a copy of DREAM OF ME

12.  Recommend it to book bloggers you follow

13.  Recommend it to your book club

Thank you for all you do to support my work.  I am very grateful.

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