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Trump's becoming our President Tomorrow: Try not to Freak Out

Donald Trump will become our 45th president tomorrow. This is as close as I can come to summarizing online reactions to his pending inauguration:

Some of you, (and you know who you are) are also a little like this:

So you're not happy Trump is going to be our next president. I get it. I'm not super excited either. But why all the hysterics? Why all the drama? Why rend your clothes and gnash your teeth?

And why are you -- the tolerant crowd -- so intolerant of anyone who wants to give him a chance to prove himself? I personally have extremely low expectations for Trump's presidency. However, he IS going to be our president, so I'm willing to set aside my prejudices and see what he does before I condemn it.

That's right: anyone who is already preparing to impeach Trump or criticize his presidency is prejudging the situation and is, therefore, prejudiced.

But! But! But I'm basing my bad opinion of Trump on his past behavior which has been DEPLORABLE!(Wait. Did Hill…

Why I Love Millennials


lazy. idiots. entitled.
Well that's what comes up at the top of a Google search. 
Some call them the "Me Generation." Others take to social media to label them crybabies, snowflakes, leeches, parasites and any number of other colorful insults. They are the champions of participation trophies. Armed with selfie sticks, this self-idolizing, instant-gratification generation of apps and memes doesn't know how to hold a conversation, much less a job, but insist on tweeting and texting every thought that passes through their heads (all without proper spelling and grammar!) Meanwhile they self-righteously berate their elders over the environment, the purity of Bernie Sanders and the proper use of genderless pronouns. 
Whether you think that list is spot on or a stereotypical exaggeration, the real question is: do Millennials deserve all the guff we give them? Are the young people of this generation really a special kind of problem, never before seen in human history?