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A Tail of Three Kitties

You don’t know me.  My name is Katniss.  No, not that one; I can’t shoot arrows, and though I hear constant talk about these “wonderful books,” I don’t really read.  I have only vague memories of my life as it was before three months ago.  I’ve heard the Giant Ones tell the story to each other.  It’s not the exact truth, but close enough:  How the loud roar came, rumbling the earth beneath our nest, and the blades followed, making our golden canopy topple around us.  We ran as fast as we could.  I don’t know what happen to the others; I never saw our mother again.  But the three of us escaped the blades, crossing the black road where the Giant Ones speed by in metal dragons.  Their dwellings are on the other side. That’s where we found ourselves one cold evening, just as  the large mouth of one of those dwellings opened up to swallow whole a white metal dragon.  We hid in the bushes, shocked when three Giant Ones stepped out of the metal dragon, unscathed.  Two hurried in to the dwelli…