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The SHOCKING Secret Health Benefits of Posting Book Reviews

Please enjoy my latest blog post, written by an author friend who wished to remain anonymous:

Want to stay healthy? Youthful? Full of energy? The first step is writing that book review!

Okay, okay. So I'm really bad at writing click-bait headlines. (And I can't even commit to a good falsehood for, like, five seconds!) But, I'm kind of desperate. Because, you know that author who keeps begging you to review her book? (Me.) She doesn't just want your reviews. She needs them. (Also me.)


Not to put too fine a point on it, but here's the truth: She will never, ever be able to make a living as a writer if you don't post that review. Here's why. Even though she has spent years writing quality novels that readers seem to enjoy, and even though... She spends hours each week marketingHer reviews are goodShe advertisesShe promotes on social mediaShe maintains a blogShe builds a mailing listShe keeps writing more booksShe hosts giveaways, promotions, launch pa…