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Shannon's Journal

***SPOILER ALERT*** The contents of this blog post could be considered a spoiler for my novel, DREAM OF ME.  I originally wrote it as a prologue, but decided it might reveal too much.  
In chapter one, Shannon whispers "A long time ago, on a path that curved toward the sea..." -- the first words to a story she told Erynne as a child.  It was a story that began on All Hallow's Eve -- one she could not get out of her head, though she tried, writing it in a journal that Erynne found among her mother's belongings.
Would you like to know what she wrote?

A long time ago, on a path that curved toward the sea, the prophetess Cruithne paused to catch her breath, tightening her grasp on the woolen shawl she wore.  The frigid Atlantic wind was picking up, searching out her lonely spot on the hillside. Though her shawl was thick and in good condition, night was approaching quickly and with it would come even colder temperatures.  She had been walking for more than two hours throug…