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STEALING LIBERTY -- A heist so monumental, it may cost them everything...

I am so excited to share this news with you: my new novel, STEALING LIBERTY, will be released in all e-book formats June 13, 2017.  Here's the scoop:

When Reed Paine is sent to a secret detention school for teens whose parents are branded enemies of the state, he doesn’t expect to find friendship – especially after coming face to face with Riley Paca, a girl who has every reason to hate him.
But when Reed, Riley and a few others start reading the old books they find in tunnels under the school, they begin to question what they are taught about the last days of America and the government that has risen in its place.
Then the government decides to sell the Liberty Bell and Reed and his friends risk everything to steal it – to take back their history and the liberty that has been stolen from them.

In the coming weeks, I'm going to tell you more about Stealing Liberty: How I came up with the story and the characters, what historical facts I relied on to write it, how I planned the …
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Millennials and the Media: Five Themes to Watch for on TV, in Books and at the Movies

Back in January, when I wrote about why I love Millennials, I mentioned that Millennials are media cynics who neither watch nor trust what the mainstream media has to say about politics. It's true, and I respect that. Truly.

But I know what some of you were thinking: Yeah, but whether they watch the mainstream media or not, Millennials are still overwhelmingly liberal.

Yep, that's true too. There are lots of explanations for that, just like there are lots of explanations for why senior citizens are mostly conservative. Some are detailed, some are vague. Some are logical, some are just insulting. Some go back hundreds of years, like the one below, which I've heard in one form or another for most of my life (For more information on the origin of this saying, visit: Quote Investigator).

We could talk for a long time about the influence of teachers, parents and peers on the political and ideological outlook of Millennials (okay, and everyone else too), but today I want to jus…

Trump's becoming our President Tomorrow: Try not to Freak Out

Donald Trump will become our 45th president tomorrow. This is as close as I can come to summarizing online reactions to his pending inauguration:

Some of you, (and you know who you are) are also a little like this:

So you're not happy Trump is going to be our next president. I get it. I'm not super excited either. But why all the hysterics? Why all the drama? Why rend your clothes and gnash your teeth?

And why are you -- the tolerant crowd -- so intolerant of anyone who wants to give him a chance to prove himself? I personally have extremely low expectations for Trump's presidency. However, he IS going to be our president, so I'm willing to set aside my prejudices and see what he does before I condemn it.

That's right: anyone who is already preparing to impeach Trump or criticize his presidency is prejudging the situation and is, therefore, prejudiced.

But! But! But I'm basing my bad opinion of Trump on his past behavior which has been DEPLORABLE!(Wait. Did Hill…

Why I Love Millennials


lazy. idiots. entitled.
Well that's what comes up at the top of a Google search. 
Some call them the "Me Generation." Others take to social media to label them crybabies, snowflakes, leeches, parasites and any number of other colorful insults. They are the champions of participation trophies. Armed with selfie sticks, this self-idolizing, instant-gratification generation of apps and memes doesn't know how to hold a conversation, much less a job, but insist on tweeting and texting every thought that passes through their heads (all without proper spelling and grammar!) Meanwhile they self-righteously berate their elders over the environment, the purity of Bernie Sanders and the proper use of genderless pronouns. 
Whether you think that list is spot on or a stereotypical exaggeration, the real question is: do Millennials deserve all the guff we give them? Are the young people of this generation really a special kind of problem, never before seen in human history?

Happy birthday, Jane

I hold the page and smile. I touch the face I loved.It’s become famous, this image, and called like and unlike by those who knew her. And I gaze at it and see what they see and see what they do not. I’ve tried to draw too, though not skilled in the art, and hold this example, that like my own attempts, has captured the cheek and the hair that wisped against it, the brow and the eyes that enjoy its shelter. They are orbs of beauty, glistening just as I remember, looking at me, as I always wanted, windows to the soul that I loved more dearly than I loved cheek, eye, brow or hair. It is the nose and the mouth with which the artist has failed. I do not fault her – she loved, perhaps if not better than I, at least longer, as sisters always will. But the nose cannot be drawn to capture the way it looked at this angle or that, once pert, then smart, Grecian and then curled like a tulip’s petal, in all its dimension impossible to accurately portray in this medium – perhaps in any. But the mou…

Confessions of a NanoWriMo Failure

I'm a failure. A big fat failure. I'm so sick about my failure, I write this post distracted. Don't expect pithy sentences or clever metaphors. Expect cliches, danging participles and archaic expressions. I'm too upset to even try to impress you.
Why am I a failure and what are my excuses?
Read on, dear reader.
It's all because November is over, which means National Novel Writing Month, otherwise known as NaNoWRiMo, (the silliest acronym ever created by people who are supposed to be good at this stuff), is also over.

And I have failed to reach any NaNoWriMo victories. Any!
I know I shouldn't take it so hard. Failing at NaNoWriMo doesn't mean I'm a failure at writing. I wrote two novels before I had ever heard of NaNoWriMo. I wrote my third manuscript (currently being shopped to publishing houses by my hardworking agent ... stay tuned!) without participating.
And yeah, "participating" is a weird term to use about writing -- the most solitary o…

Rescue Me

In the wake of last week's election results, do you feel the need to be rescued?

I ask because I'm confused by all the feminine outrage I've read since Donald Trump was elected. I mean, I get not liking Trump -- I don't like him either. And I still can't quite wrap my head around the idea of him being our president, but I suppose I'll get used to it.
If you were a Hillary Clinton supporter, I even get being upset that your candidate lost. I remember how I felt when Barack Obama won. I was worried about what kind of policies he would enact and how they might infringe on my personal freedoms. So you're worried about Trump's leadership? How he'll interact with Russia? Or how his economic policies will affect us?  That's totally valid as far as I'm concerned.
But how far do we take our concerns? How much hand wringing should we do? Should I be weeping and wailing like a damsel in distress? And just how much time should we spend protesting, ranti…