My second novel, A PLACE BETWEEN BREATHS, hits bookstore shelves Tuesday, November 26 in Kindle and Paperback:

When FBI Agent Rachel Mueller flies to Mexico’s Copper Canyon to recover the body of a missing American college student, she's partnered with Mexican federal agent Marius Suarez, a man she knew and loved years ago when he used an alias and worked undercover for the DEA. 

While searching for a killer who sees himself as the reincarnate 
Tezcatlipoca, Aztec god of deception,  their investigation becomes complicated by corruption on both sides of the border.

Racing against a timetable that matches the Aztec calendar, their investigation leads them back through the myth of the gods, the crumbling streets of Juarez and into the deepest corners of the Copper Canyon. When the killer takes his next victim, Rachel and Marius are forced to make their own choice:  protect their growing love for each other, or risk everything for the greatest love of all.

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