About Me

I am quite sure that you are bored of reading "about me" pages.  I am tired of writing paragraphs about myself.  Instead, here are some random things, all true, that might actually be interesting:

  1. I have lived in seven states in the western United States.
  2. I went to four grade schools, one junior high and seven high schools.  Why?  My father had wanderlust.
  3. I think there is a lot to learn from the unconventional women listed in the first chapter of Matthew.  Still, I am pretty conventional.
  4. My favorite books are JANE EYRE, PERSUASION and GONE WITH THE WIND.
  5. I quite often feel the emotions of people around me so strongly, they drown out my own.
  6. I first met my husband when I was three and he was ten.
  7. I am the tallest of all my female relatives.
  8. I have only ever left the United States in my imagination, and often.
  9. I am not a great conversationalist and often worry later about something awkward I may have said.
  10. I am more confident in my ability to write a 100,000-word novel than to write a personal message on a greeting card.
  11. It is almost impossible for me to cry in front of other people.
  12. When I feel vulnerable, I shiver.
  13. I don't generally like to cook, but I like making soup.
  14. I think it is impossible to love God unless you try and get to know Him.
  15. I went to preschool with Charles Bronson's daughter while he was in Idaho filming "Breakheart Pass."  I have never seen that movie.
  16. Rain cheers me up.
  17. I once had a dog named Alfie and, later, a cat named Marvin Elliott.
  18. My ancestors have been on this continent for almost 400 years.  I am thoroughly American.
  19. I caught a foul ball at a Diamondbacks game once, without even standing up.
  20. When I was a little girl, we lived in a very old house that had a ghost we called Fred.

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