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Truth in Fiction

As children, we are taught that nonfiction means a story is true, while fiction means a story was made up by the author.  But is it really that simple? I don’t think so. For a moment, I want you to forget what you’ve been taught.  I want to explain why fiction is all about truth.  It is not one truth, of course, or one person’s truth.  Instead, it is a million truths, pulled from a million lives, all cut up into pieces and pasted together like a mosaic.  It’s a new story now.  It’s fiction, but real enough that when a reader draws close and examines bits of character, plot, motivation and experience, she can say: “That part is me.” I know many people who dismiss the value fiction.  I’m sure you know them too.  They are the ones who interrupt an anecdote you are telling to ask, “Is this a true story?”  They are the ones who stop listening when you admit that it came from a novel. Part of me understands.  I’m a truth seeker and a skeptic.  Those online stori

Dreaming of Neverland

J.M. Barrie's PETER PAN**   E very once in a while, I wake from a dream and remember the strange place I have been visiting.  It is only familiar in those vaporous moments between sleep and wakefulness.  A peculiar house is there with white peeling paint, a spiral staircase that leads up to a room with walls made of glass, and views of the island in every direction.  I remember in that moment that I have been there before.  I remember Neverland. If I were still a child, I would know better than to rub the sleep from my eyes.  It breaks the magic of memory.  The only way to return (if only in my dreams) is after a childlike day – perhaps spent at Disneyland, wearing mouse ears and eating cotton candy – or building living room forts with my children.  It absolutely cannot return unless licorice has been consumed and something odd has been worn as a hat.  But grownups like me forget the important things so easily.  We must, if we are to be respected.  This is why Geor

Word of Mouth

photo from Pinterest boards Can you find  DREAM OF ME  on one of these bookshelves?   Of course not, and you even know what you are looking for. As of today, Amazon lists 1,414,078 titles for its Kindle store alone.  That accounts for far more books than you see on these shelves.  It’s no wonder that a novel like DREAM OF ME is invisible to the average reader. WORD OF MOUTH is still the book reader’s most valuable friend, even in this age of modern communication.  Luckily, word of mouth now includes every social media venue available to us online. So here’s a check list of things anyone can do to help get the word out about  DREAM OF ME -- or any other favorite Indie book .   Most of them cost nothing but a little time.  I really appreciate everything my friends have already done to support me.  If you choose to do more, that is just frosting on my gluten-free cupcake. :)  Thanks so much! 1.  Post a review: